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Baby Welcoming® was created by Cecily Miller, M.A. Cecily is a Holistic Pre-conception and Prenatal Specialist & Educator.

Recently in the Huffington Post: Cecily was quoted in making a connection between making love and birthing a baby.

Baby Welcoming® provides a unique combination of services for pregnant women and their partners, including, therapeutic consulting, resources, recordings, and ceremonies that skillfully welcome babies into the world. Baby Welcoming® offers expertise and research substantiated methods for welcoming one’s baby during—and in preparation of—pregnancy.

Come read an interview with Cecily and what she shared with pregnant goddesses.

Established by prenatal educator, Cecily Miller, Baby Welcoming® is about creating optimal circumstances that afford babies the opportunity to grow up to be bright, caring, resilient and confident. Parents can consciously create a healthy, secure bond with their child. Learn how to parent from the beginning with skillful means for creating a healthy, happy family. Together we delight in the wonderment of this profound time in your lives and navigate through the challenges, uncertainties, and messiness that comes with big change.

Cecily Miller holds a Masters degree in prenatal and perinatal psychology and is completing her doctorate in transformational education. Cecily founded Baby Welcoming® to empower pregnant women with must-have knowledge and integral support during the prenatal transformation. She believes we create a peaceful society one mama & baby and family at a time. Cecily is a national presenter and educator for expectant parents, new parents, teachers, and children on applied early-parenting psychology, child-led learning, and parent-child emotional regulation. Cecily has a private consulting practice.

Getting the Word Out

Leaders from Birth: Our world leaders 15 to 30-years from now are in the womb, homes, school, orphanages, playgrounds, and war zones!

In November 2010 Cecily organized and moderated this brilliant panel at the Leaders Causing Leaders Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center.

We had a receptive audience for this inspiring, empowering panel discussion amongst interdisciplinary pioneers connecting the dots between shaping our future and serving our children well.

Leaders from Birth Panelists:
Karen Gordon
Susan Kaiser Greenland
Anna Getty
Dr. Stuart Fischbein
Ishmael Beah

Cecily led the panel and audience through an exploration as to how can we create conducive circumstances to foster empathy and higher intelligence in the next generations of leaders from womb & up!

If we want new kinds of leaders to create a society of dialogue, if we want our children to be resilient enough to face the challenges of this century, if we want innovative solutions and inventions, and a more compassionate, cooperative culture then we must consider the start of every individual's life. 

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